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Singgahsana Lodge Reception, Lounge & Cafe

As passionate travellers, it is our dream to own a little sanctuary at home where we can travel vicariously through hosting fellow travellers and share travel tales with.  ‘Singgahsana Lodge’ is the fulfilment of this dream.

Having stayed in every sort of accommodation imaginable worldwide from the immaculate to the appalling, Singgahsana Lodge is our version of the ideal home away from home.

During our ‘shoe string’ travels, rarely do we get to experience the essence of the destination within our lodging spaces except for the odd night where we splurge and check into a luxurious heritage hotel.  As avid art appreciators and owners of an art gallery, we attempt to infuse Singgahsana Lodge with our touch of Sarawak Style.  Our guests will know they are in exotic Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, when they awake each morning to a room filled with unique local decor.  Artefacts collected from the many ethnic tribes of Sarawak adorn each room and common area.  Even the ubiquitous lamps of your room would have been cleverly made out of utilitarian baskets and the floor covered with rattan and bark mats.

Travel photographs decorate each wall bringing sweet memories of the many destinations we have travelled, and those we have yet to see.

Regular travels abroad have made us appreciate our home even more.  Sarawak's great diversity both in its peoples and its nature makes it totally unique.  But above all these, our Bornean home is exceptionally special because of the warm hospitality of its people.

We hope to have the opportunity to make your stay in Kuching and Sarawak a memorable one.

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About Kuching, Sarawak and Malaysian Borneo

The state of Sarawak is located in the northern strip of the Island of Borneo. It is the largest state in Malaysia and Sarawak houses one of the world's richest and most diverse ecosystems. Sarawak was famed as a land full of headhunters and longhouses lining lazy rivers. Contrary to these legends, Sarawak has since experienced rapid urban development especially in its major cities. It has emerged as a premier tourist attraction in the region, promoting its richness in culture, adventure and nature.

Despite its growth and development, the state of Sarawak still maintains its reputation as the most exotic state in Malaysia and Asia 's best kept secret. Rainforests of Sarawak are among the oldest in the world, boasting the Rafflesia - a plant the size of a coffee table, snakes and frogs that fly, proboscis monkes and of course .

Kuching - Cat City of the World

Kuching, in the national language, means cat. This is accentuated by dozens of cat statuettes around the city plus a world-famous cat museum featuring statues, photographs and memorabilia gathered from all over the globe.

The capital city of Sarawak was famed in the early days as a river port ruled by legendary White Rajahs. The olden day stories of Kuching are enchanting, as acknowledged by the dozens of biographies and books published and screenplays written based on its rich history.

As the largest city in the state, Kuching is now a rapidly developing city, boasting a population of almost half a million. In the city itself, one can find bustling shopping hubs and eclectic buildings that consist of a mix of modern and post-colonial architecture. Within minutes of journey to its outer boundaries are magnificent mountains, unspoilt beaches and even an award winning "living" museum, the Sarawak Cultural Village .

Kuching's environment is safe and peaceful, its topography is free from earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters with a wonderfully tropical climate that is full of sunshine.

Voted as one of the most livable cities in Asia in year 2000, Kuching remains one of the best kept secrets of the region.

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How to Get Here (Coordinates: 1°33'25"N 110°20'54"E)

Coming from Kuching International Airport

1. Singgahsana Lodge Transfer

You can book a transfer for a fee. Do note that the amount we charged would be more then the fee you would be charged by catching a cab on your own. You can book this transfer when you book the accommodation online.


2. Taxi

It will cost you RM26.00 per taxi (sits 4) to Singgahsana Lodge.  Simply purchase a coupon at the Taxi counter near the taxi rank outside of the international arrival hall and make your way to the taxi (taxi's are red and yellow) outside.  If the driver does not already know, inform them that singgahsana lodge is directly opposite the Harbour View Hotel along Temple Street.

No Bus service is available from the Kuching International Airport to Kuching town.

2. By Vehicle

The main road that runs in front and parellal to the Kuching International Airport (KIA) is Jalan Lapangan Terbang - Airport Road. You want to be on that road going towards the right (if KIA is behind you)

So, if you are driving from the car park, you need to make a right turn on to Airport Road. From here on you virtually just drive straight on - do not turn left or right.

Take the first flyover and drive straight on till you get to the 2nd flyover.

At the 2nd flyover, take the inner land to the city/Tun Jugah Road or if you happen to go under the flyover, take the 2nd exit.

Drive straight on, straight pass all traffic lights. The same road will now be Tabuan Road.

Drive 1.9 km on Tabuan Road. It will go uphill. On the top of the hill, take the left lane (the right lane will take you round a hill-roundabout).

This left lane will led you to a traffic light (St. Mary's school is ahead of you). At this trafflic light, go straight on (it bears right).

Drive straight on at the first pedestrian traffic light but stay on the right lane. At the second pedestrian traffic light, take the right turn and stay on the right lane. At the next traffic light, turn right and Singgahsana Lodge is the orange and yellow building on the right. Coordinates for Singgahsana Lodge: 1°33'25"N 110°20'54"E

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Location Map


Location: No. 1 Temple Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Strategically located along Temple Street in the heart of beautiful Kuching City, Singgahsana Lodge is only 20 steps from the famed Kuching Waterfront and 15 steps diagonally across from the oldest Chinese Tua Pek Kong Temple .

Straddled between the old and new quarters of the city, you could spend the morning walking along quaint narrow alleyways in old Kuching where tinsmiths noisily go about their work, spice and textile traders sell their merchandise, and then spend the afternoon wandering around modern malls in new Kuching.

Tel: +60 (82) 42 92 77 Handphone: +60 12 8890600 Fax: +60 (82) 42 92 67 Email: Website:

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Located in the heart of Kuching, most places of interest are minutes away on foot.  However, you can find bus routes just a step away from the front door, and taxis regularly pass.

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On The Trail of Sarawak’s



A Walking Tour with By Sarawak Scholar Mrs Heidi Munan

Macintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:James Brooke.jpg

The Brooke Rajahs were administrators, and builders; much of Kuching’s Old Town was created during the Brooke era. After fortifying their town, there was time to build a gracious residence, an impressive Court House, a Museum with a well-kept park. The solidly constructed shophouses testify to the town’s increasing prosperity, many of them decorated with stucco and carved window railings. Quay improvements in the 1920s gave the riverside town its present look, only the esplanade park is of recent date.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours walking tour with a tea break at a local coffee shop in between. There is a Pre-Walk briefing.

Cost: RM88.00 per pax (minimum of 4 pax per tour).

Advance booking is required.


A Walking Tour Around

Old kuching town

Escorted By Sarawak Scholar Mrs Heidi Munan

Macintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:oldphoto2.jpg

Kuching Old Town stretches along the Sarawak River, the main traffic artery in the days of old. The gracious old buildings mark the business and administrative centre, mostly built in the 19th century. Thoroughfares and lanes, designed well before the invention of the motorcar, invite exploration; the Main Bazaar in particular is one long street of art, handicrafts, souvenirs, antiques … and junk! No browser

Duration: Approximately 3 hours walking tour with a tea break at a local coffee shop in between. There is a Pre-Walk briefing.

Cost: RM88.00 per pax (minimum of 4 pax per tour).

Advance booking is required.



A Walking Tour of

kuching museums

Guided By Sarawak Scholar & The Sarawak Musuem's Honanary Curator of Beads Mrs Heidi Munan

Macintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:2740916099_862f79741b.jpg

Rajah Charles Brooke was not plagued by false modesty when he decided that his Museum, built in 1891, would be ‘second to none in the East!’ Today, the ethnographic collection is augmented by an archaeological display in the New Museum (Dewan Tun Abdul Razak), and Islamic Museum, a Textile Museum (Pavilion) and a Chinese History Museum, but public opinion still endorses the old Rajah’s boast.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours walking tour with a tea break at a local coffee shop in between. There is a Pre-Walk briefing.

Cost: RM88.00 per pax (minimum of 4 pax per tour).

Advance booking is required.




Kuching, Wetlands National Park

A Ramsar Site since November 2005

Macintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:26231_395098546936_653581936_4212927_7166542_n-1.jpgMacintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:Smiley Dolphin.jpg







Macintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:Mudskipper Resized.jpgMacintosh HD:Users:maridon:Desktop:Wetlands Sunset Resized.jpg







Dolphin photo by Alex Wong: Crocodile and Proboscis photos by Laurence Burnham

Welcome to the South China Sea, a chance to spot Irrawaddy Dolphins barrel rolling in the surf, then on to the mangrove in search of Estuarine Crocodiles and Proboscis Monkeys. Once we have watched the sun go down we marvel at the firefly dancing in the moon light and pick out the red eyes of the crocs laying in wait for an evening snack as we make our way back to the mainland.

Cost: RM188.00 per pax (minimum of 2 pax per tour)

Advance booking is required.











People are magical

and the air is fresh!!!



Perched in the Bungo Range, some 50 kilometers from Kuching is the idyllic Bidayuh (Land Dayak) village. The remoteness and difficult terrain of this area has ‘safeguarded’ the traditional lifestyle of its inhabitants making it a refreshing respite from our modern day world. Villagers here live a simple agrarian life mainly growing hill paddy, fruits and vegetables. This community is also famed for the last remaining group of elderly ladies who still practice the wearing of brass coils on their arms and legs similar to the Karen & Padaung Tribes of Indo-China who wear similar coils around their necks.  This moderate to difficult trek takes one past the Bengoh Dam (currently under construction), fruit garden, rice fields and through established secondary forest with sweeping views of the breathtaking landscape at higher elevation.

This 3 days - 2 nights village visit requires a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 7 persons per trip.  As this is classed as a moderate to difficult trek and participants will negotiate high bamboo bridges enroute, all participants must have a valid travel insurance cover. 

Advance booking is required.

A Pre-Trip briefing will be held the evening before departure at the Singgahsana Lodge Sadau at 7.00 p.m. sharp or otherwise advised by the BEX boys.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Because: we are 20 steps away from the famous Kuching Waterfront; we provide all the creature comforts and highest standards of hygiene every discerning traveller expects - our bathrooms and toilets are immaculately clean and customised to country club standards; we provide in-house email facilities, a comprehensive library, cable t.v. (only in the common areas), a cosy lounge area, access to international telephone and fax facilities. Security is paramount and all of Singgahsana Lodge is accessible only to in-house guests, guests are issued with access cards to the front door. Infused with our touch of Sarawak style, you will wake up each morning in your locally decorated air conditioned rooms fully aware that you are in magical Sarawak.

Q: Why is Singgahsana Lodge different from other budget hotels?
A: We are a guest house as opposed to a hotel. For the uninitiated, nearly all facilities in a guest house are shared with other guests. At Singgahsana Lodge, we encourage our guests to interact with each other to create a sense of warm and friendly camaraderie.  Although facilities such as bathroom, toilets, lounge area, library, etc are shared, they meet the highest standards. All of these within a bright and tastefully decorated ambience.

Q: Are towels and bed linens provided in Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Bed linens such as sheets, blankets and pillowcases are provided for every type of accomodation. Towels are only provided for those occupying private twin-sharing or family rooms. Guests utilising dormitory beds may rent towels at a nominal fee of RM2.00.

Q: What about shampoo and soap in Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Hair & body shampoo is provided in all shower cubicles for all guests.

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Q: How to book/reserve a room/bed in Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Extracted from our terms and conditions:

3.1.1. Walk into the premise of Singgahsana Lodge to pay for your accommodation and check in immediately.

3.1.2. Walk into the premise of Singgahsana Lodge to pay for your accommodation and check in at a later date.
For Village House, you must phone in advance at +60 82 846166 or +60 12 8870220


3.2.1. To book on-line, please ensure that:-

i)Your arrival date is not less than 48 hours from time of booking;
ii) You are not using a 3rd party credit card, unless prior arrangement has been obtained from Singgahsana Lodge ;
iii) You are not a resident of Kuching, Sarawak (applicable to Singgahsana Lodge only)

3.2.2. Your on-line reservation is confirmed only when it has been fully paid as confirmed by our payment gateway, PROVIDED ALWAYS that Singgahsana Lodge and Village House will not honour any reservation and will release all your bookings for re-sell without any refunds made to the guest for the following reasons:
i) Guest is a resident of Kuching, Sarawak
ii) Inaccurate or falsified information provided
iii) The person checking in does not correspond to the name on the credit card used for the reservation [see Clause 3.2.1 (ii)]
iv) Guests failing to check-in within 2 hours of their arrival time in Kuching
3.2.3. In the event that the accommodation booked is not tailored for the number of persons checking in [see Clause 2.4], extra charges will be imposed. Extra charges imposed shall be based on the dormitory bed rate or house bed rate (as the case may be). The appropriate rate is dependent upon which property you are staying in and whether it is during the normal period or the rwmf period but in both case, inclusive of breakfast.
3.2.4. Clause 3.2.3 is only applicable where Singgahsana Lodge or Village House deems that the room is able to accommodate an additional occupant.
3.2.5. We reserve the right to cancel or modify reservations where it appears that a customer has engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity or under other circumstances where it appears that the reservations contain or resulted from a mistake or error.

3.2.6. You will hereby acknowledge and agree that your personal data has been given to us for the purposes of securing accommodation bookings, and providing you with confirmation of the said booking, accounting and billing, checking credit or other payment cards, credit card payments, administrative and legal purposes (if any), statistical analysis and helping us in any future dealings with you. For these purposes, by entering into these accommodation reservations with us, you authorize us to retain and use your personal data within our own establishments.


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Q: Mode of payment for rooms/beds?
A: Cash in Ringgit Malaysia or credit card

Q: Are the rates quoted nett in Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Yes, inclusive of simple breakfast.

Q: Can we smoke within the guest house premises?
A: Singgahsana Lodge is a smoke free zone. Guests who are smokers may indulge in their nicotine fix outside the Singgahsana Lodge premises or at the outdoor garden balcony. RM50.00 fine for breaking this rule OR eviction with no refunds.

Q: Are there lockers in the dormitory rooms in Singgahsana Lodge?
A: Yes.

Q: What you may NOT like about Singgahsana Lodge?
A: NOISE. We are in the centre of the city. You would hear cars and motorcycles speeding down the streets late at night especially during weekends. Bring your ear plugs if you are a light sleeper. The Chinese Theatre next to Singgahsana Lodge will have their occasional 'concert', we have no control over these events. Strictly "No visitors" allowed. We practice our tradition of 'footwear off' within the Singgahsana Lodge. And And And stairs, stairs, stairs - no elevator or travellator :). Being a humble guesthouse, we do not provide daily room housekeeping and our crew does not go into any rooms until our guests check out.

Do check some reviews on us at and, so that you are totally aware of all our baaaddd points :). We understand very well that we will not be able to please everybody so better be true at the start :).

Q: What should I expect from Singgahsana Lodge?
A: We are NOT A FIVE STAR establishment, we are only a little guesthouse. We provide only the basic of the basics. So, if you have been recommended to stay with us, PLEASE DO NOT come in with high expectations. In any case, for things that are within our control, we will always try our VERY BEST to make your visit to Kuching a good one.

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Q: I have more then 3 days in Kuching, how many nights should I book with Singgahsana Lodge?
A: We suggest 3 days maximum, just in case you do not like our set up or do not like us ;) in which case you would want to check out early and that means too that you would want your money back from us. At this point, you will be reminded that you were told that the all money paid will be forfeited if you cancel your booking (see terms and conditions) . At this stage, the Guest would not listen to what we are saying and what are we to do ..... ????

Q: What time is check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is from 1 pm and Check-out by 11 am.

Q: What do I need to provide upon check in?
A: Clause 6: A ll guests are required to:

i)       Fill in/Sign Guest Registration Form;

ii)      Present their valid international passports upon check-in for verification;

iii)     Pay your accommodation bills in full, or if you have booked online, give us your booking Reference ID number; and

iv)     Pay a refundable deposit of RM50.00 per accommodation (applicable to Singgahsana Lodge only). By furnishing Singgahsana Lodge with the refundable deposit, guests are agreeable that the charges under Clause 8.2 (if applicable) will be deducted from the refundable deposit.

Q: How do I check availability or/and Book and pay Online?
A: Log on to our website, after reading the faqs and terms and conditions, click on 'booking' (on the top of the website). This brings you to our booking system where you can check availability of accommodation, book and pay in full. Should you encounter any problems, with the system, let us know.   

Detail step by step instructions are as follows:

STEP 1: Click on the ‘booking’ button at the top of the page at

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 8.43.47 AM.png


STEP 2:  ‘SEARCH’ page

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 8.52.00 AM.pngFill in:

1) arrival date

2) choose the accommodation from the drop down menu

3) number of Guest

Note: number of guests should include:-

For Singgahsana Lodge:

all persons from age 3 and above. Persons under 3 stay for free.

For Village House:

all persons from age 12 and above.


Tip: if you are booking for more then 10 pax: do split your booking

Click the ‘Search’ button



STEP 3:   ‘SELECT’ page

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 9.05.23 AM.png

Accommodation is available when it is in green

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 9.12.28 AM.png

And in red if it is not available

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 9.12.20 AM.png


1) On the chosen type of accommodation, tick on the appropriate dates that you require the room.

2) Under number of Guests: from the scroll down menu, choose the appropriate number of guests. Choose 1 or 2 number of guests if you need 1 room, Choose 3 or number of guests if you need 2 rooms, and so on.  Tip: If you miss this step/stage, it would be shown that the room is not available on the next page. In which case, you will have to start all over again by clicking on ‘New Booking’ on the extreme bottom of the page.


3) Click ‘Book Now’ button at the bottom of the page if you want to continue with your booking OR Click ‘New Booking’ on extreme bottom of the page if you want to start all over again.


Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 2.22.35 PM.png

Tip: It is possible to book different rooms for different dates in the event that your preferred   accommodation is not available for the whole period that you require them.

For example: Preferred room is twin ensuite from 26 May to 30 May.

Twin ensuite is not available for the whole period. So, I tick twin ensuite for 26th and 30th May and twin with shared toilet.shower for 27th, 28th and 29th May.

Tip: Your booking does not have to be on continuous dates. For example, if you want a room for 24th May and 27th May.  Just tick in the box for 24th May and 27th May.

Tip: Book and pay for extra pax in the room, transfers and excursions on the next page.








Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 3.01.25 PM.png


Double check your booking – your preferred accommodation, number of rooms and number of guests.

If you need transfers etc with the scroll down menu, choose the correct quantity required under ‘Extra Charges’

Read and understand the terms and conditions. Tick on the box if you agree to them.

Click the ‘Submit’ button






STEP 5: ‘PROFILE’ page


Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 3.12.43 PM.png

Fill in your personal information.

Choose the method of payment.

Tip:  For overseas guests, only the credit card option is applicable for you.

Click the ‘Submit’ button





STEP 6: ‘PAYMENT’ page


Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 3.25.02 PM.png

Check your details, arrivals/departure, payment method and your booking summary.

Click the ‘Process Booking’ button at the bottom of the page


Tip:  Please print the ROOM CONFIRMATION receipt before you close your browser after completing your payment purchase at In the event that the ROOM CONFIRMATION receipt page in does not upload correctly, kindly refresh the browser to reload the ROOM CONFIRMATION receipt page.

For failed transactions kindly re-submit your room reservation order.

Should you get a pop-up that mentioned that you already have a reservation and you are sure that payment has not been successfuly done, close the browser and try again in 24 hours (our system has fierce memory). Should you have submitted payment details already and you have not received any email confirmation on your payment and reservation within 10 minutes, please email us for verification of your payment and booking.





Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 3.42.25 PM.png

Fill in your details.

Click the ‘Pay by Credit Card’ button OR ‘Cancel Payment’

Tip: Upon successful payment, you will receive a receipt or an email confirmation. Failure to receive such notification may imply that your transaction has been declined, in which case, you need to verify with your card-issuing bank on the reason for decline.

"IPay88", "Mobile88.Com" or "Mobile88.Com Sdn Bhd" will be shown on your credit card statement. A reminder will be sent to you 14 days after the stated transaction date.


















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Q: What do we do with the RM50.00 refundable deposit?
A: We will return the refundable deposit in full upon check out unless you have lost and/or damaged our property. For amount chargeable please refer to Clause 8.2.1. Some of the more common items are: Keys: RM20.00, Magnetic Tag: RM20.00 and Towel: RM30.00. Others: RM50 for not keeping our toilet clean and dry, for smoking in non-designated areas and/or soiling our linens. We also reserve the right to eviction in the event that these are violated but with no refunds.

Q: What if there is an extra person travelling with us ?
A: We charge RM30.00 nett (RM50.00 peak period). Where possible an extra mattress will be placed on the floor BUT only subject to availability and space allowance. This will also include breakfast for the additional person. (Applicable to Singgahsana Lodge only). House Beds rates will apply for Village House.

Q: What if we want to arrange for late check out?
A: Subject to prior arrangment with the front office, our late check out rates are as follows: Up to noon - no charge, Up to 6 pm one half of accommodation rate and by 6 pm - full accommodation rate. ALWAYS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Having said that, if you have a late flight/bus/boat out, you are welcome to store your bags with us (at your own risk :)) and you are welcome to laze around in the common areas until you have to say goodbye. Oh yes, if you've checked out and you need a shower before your departure, we will charge RM8.00 for the use of our shower and a nice fresh towel.

Q: What are Singgahsana Lodge's terms and conditions?
A: Please click on this link ... Singgahsana Lodge & Village House Terms & Conditions.

Q: Does Singgahsana Lodge have any other guesthouses in Kuching City?
A: NO, despite what people, establishments or the internet might tell you.
We do however have a lovely B&B in the Damai Peninsular.

Q: Is Singgahsana Lodge a suitable accommodation option for seniors?
Singgahsana Lodge is generally a suitable accommodation option for ‘active seniors’ irrespective of age but there have been isolated incidences where seniors have found our guesthouse setting not to their liking upon arrival despite having made advance enquiries and research. Hence, we urge all guests to be realistic of their travel requirements prior to booking with us to avoid disappointment upon arrival.  Here we wish to cite an example of mismatched expectations, which resulted in unnecessary dissatisfaction on both sides.  

Date: Tuesday, 1st March 2011, 7 p.m. – A couple after emailing to seek our advice on a particular room type and the suitability of Singgahsana Lodge, went on to book with us. Upon arrival and viewing of the room booked online (which was different to their initial enquiry), they realised it was not to their expectations and demanded a full refund.  As it was already well past 7pm when they arrived at the lodge we decided that the only solution to this very unpleasant encounter was to refund them 2 of the 3 nights booking they had made (albeit our terms and conditions had clearly stipulated no refunds on any bookings). They were very vociferous of their demands threatening to write adversely of us to the travel guides, which they have every right to. Really, we do not wish to host anyone who is not happy staying with us too as this only creates bad vibes to an otherwise always cheerful environment. 

We have made great friends with most of our guests including some fabulous seniors and we hope to welcome many more but we felt this clarification is necessary to ensure our guests are fully aware of the Singgahsana Lodge setup.  There are many photo images on our website and travellers’ blogs all over the internet to provide an accurate impression of our establishment so please do research well.

Q: Who is the senior gentleman who's always at Singgahsana Lodge?
There is an affable senior gentlemen who spends his time in Singgahsana Lodge most weekdays, he is not employed by Singgahsana Lodge but merely hangs around to help out when he can. He is Lawrence Foo, Marina and Richard's dad.

Q: What else should I have to be ready for?
A: To be toilet trained? That is because we keep our toilet clean and dry always.
What do they say ... travellers stick together!

Q: You have not received a reply for your booking?
A: Ordinarily, we will reply within 36 hours. If you have not received any mail in your mail box, it could be that our reply had bounced back to us because we are not in your 'safe' lists. So, do check your spam or junk mail boxes. It could also be that your email looked 'suspicious' - oh, yes, we do get bogus enquiries (we know by now how to spot them :)). Or, because you are booking for the following year, and we have not decided on our rates for the following year yet (for this, we will reply to you as soon as rates are fixed)

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Q: I have lost something during my stay, what do I do?
We do not accept liability for the death, sickness or injury to any guest or for the loss, theft or damage to any guests’ property however sustained or caused (see Clause 9.1).

We would appreciate however if you let the front office know immediately to allow us to try to assist in solving the matter, if possible. We do have CCTV recording within and outside of Singgahsana Lodge. We can easily review this to see who the culprit (s) is/are. Our memory hard disk for the CCTV recording is maintained for 2 weeks only. For some reason, should you not get any help from the crew (God forbid), ask for Mac's handphone no. and let him know. Other than our own local language and English, we do not know how to speak other languages so make sure that the person with whom you speak to understands your complaints.

Q: What frustrates us?
A: When complaints are not made clear right after an 'incident' and the complaint is made way after 1 month. In which case, we can no longer check our CCTV - to verify the complaint (cameras do not lie) and secondly, we cannot defend ourselves and thirdly, if the complain is true, we cannot
know now who the culprit is other than by just guessing.

Q: What else?
A: We strive on good energy and love. If every single little thing irks you, hmmmm and you are difficult to please even when people are trying their best, maybe the many other establishments out there may be able to better please you and we wish you a great stay in Kuching. :)

Q: People say when they get listed in the guide books, things go downhill, is this true in your case?
Contrary to popular belief, it is our believe that getting good listings in the many guide books is only the start of a long and arduous journey in striving to become the best always.

All of us break our backs to maintain our good reputation and feel most dissapointed when guests conveniently post damaging and hurting remarks on important travel search engines just because they can without giving us a chance to verify, clarify and rectify the matter. If you do have a complaint, help us by letting us know straight away so that we can attend to the complaint.

Solving problems makes us better and ensures that all other travellers that come after you will continue to enjoy the conducive environment and camaraderie that everyone shares when they are at Singgahsana Lodge and The Village House.

When you step into Singgahsana Lodge and The Village House, you are our important guests and these become your home whilst you are here. Hence Singgahsana Lodge is a "guests' house" whilst Village House is a"home stay".

Quoting the owners of a well-known establishment in Kolkata which sums up our belief...

"It is not a question of whether you like our hotel, either in it's own right or in comparison with anywhere you may have stayed before. It is as simple as this, you are either part of it, or you are not, you can choose to make the connection that thousands of others who return again and again have, to appreciate and understand the uncommon experience that we offer here." Violet Smith of Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata, India  

Happy trails and live life BIG always.

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Contact Information

No. 1 Temple Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
Phone: +60 (82) 42 92 77
Handphone: +60 12 8890600

Fax: +60 (82) 42 92 67

Note: If you are not within Malaysia, then dial all the numbers ('+' being your country's idd code)

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Donald & Marina - Sarawak born and bred, Donald & Marina went to the mission schools of St Joseph 's and St. Teresa's and later pursued their tertiary education in Australia and England, respectively.

Donald - holds a Sports Sciences Degree and spent 10 years as head of the State Sports Council's Sports Science Division. He was subsequently employed as the Operations & Activities Manager of the Sarawak Golf Club.  Making a career change, ARTrageously Ramsay Ong - The Art Gallery was established as a partnership with his prominent artist uncle, Ramsay in 1999.  As the managing partner, this gallery has grown to become a leading establishment in the region and after a decade Donald has passed on the full ownership to Ramsay to pursue a different business direction in 2010.

Marina - read law at what is now London Metropolitan University and was called to the bar at Lincoln 's Inn.  Subsequently making her way back to Asia, she spent a year in Singapore, was called to the bar there and then decided that Singapore was too 'glamorous' for her and returned home.  Called to the bar of Sabah and Sarawak in 1993, she practiced law with a leading legal firm and rose to become a partner.  Choosing to be answerable to no one but herself she set up her own legal firm and is currently the lady boss, which means she can travel when she likes.

Traveling is a passion for Donald & Marina and between them they have covered most of Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America. Singgahsana lodge is a fruit of this passion and the fulfillment of a dream to host fellow travelers at home and to share travel tales.

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Photo - Up with the clouds

Richard Foo - Affectionately known as 'Chard', Mr. Foo is the big brother for the young Singgahsana crew and oversees the day to day operations. Sporting an elaborate range of tattoos featuring the name of his son Brandon, Chard is a hit amongst the youngest of Singgahsana guests (young Mia & Jake Cohen bears testimony to this). Like all Singgahsana-ers, he will go to great lengths to meet the needs of all Singgahsana guests including scouring about town at some unearthly hour to try shop for new clothes for a fellow traveler whose laundry cannot make it back on time.

Richard's son, Brandon has recently been promoted to being 'Big Brother' to his new little sister, 'Oceana' on May 08.

Photo - Taking a rest on the way to e.b.c.

Richard passed away on 14-10-2012. Terribly missed by all who knew him :(


Konkon better known as Anna - An affable Selakoh (a minority ethnic tribe) lady from the coastal Lundu area, Anna’s cheeky smile will keep you guessing. But her skills lie in the kitchen from cooking our appetizing breakfast to assisting the main chef with such courses as Beef Rendang along with many other local and western meals on the Village House menu.

Tin Tin - Sometimes affectionately referred to as ‘The Boss’, Tin Tin joined us at The Village House mid 2009 and has since established himself really as ‘The Boss’.  With serfs such as Laurence & Donald to escort him for walks, bath him and feed him, he still demands attention from all of his visitors and guests.  Highly hyperactive, his best mate Laurence reckons he is likely a mix between a Labrador and a ‘Kangaroo’ maybe, but that’s no way to call your boss J.  Do pay him your respects.

Tin Tin passed away on September 2012.

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Types of Accommodation

Bunk Bed in Dormitory style With Shared Toilet/Shower #sleeps one per bed

The Rate per Bed per Person per Night is RM30.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM31.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM50 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM52.00 nett inclusive of administrative charge)

Twin Room With Shared Toilet /Shower #sleeps two in a room only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM88.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM91.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM125 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM129.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Twin Room With Ensuite Bathroom #sleeps two in a room only #very tight room

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM98.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM102.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM130 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM135.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Triple Room With Shared Toilet /Shower #sleeps three in a room only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM108.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM112.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM150 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM155.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Family Room With Shared Toilet/Shower #sleeps four in a room only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM118.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM122.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM155 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM160.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Family Room With Ensuite Bathroom #sleeps four in the room only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM138.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM143.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM185 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM191.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Double Room With Ensuite Bathroom #sleeps two in a room only #loft windows only #on ground floor only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM108.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM112.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM150 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM155.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

Honeymoon Room With Ensuite Bathroom #sleeps two in a room only

The Rate per Bedroom per Night is RM128.00* (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM132.00 inclusive of administrative charge) nett and includes:

*RWMF Rates 19 June to 23 June 2014: RM180 nett (If you book in advance, the rate would be RM186.00 inclusive of administrative charge)

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Disclaimer: While Singgahsana Lodge will try to ensure that the information provided in the web site is correct and accurate, it is however not responsible for any unintentional mistakes or errors made in it.

Notes and Messages:


  • RWMF 2014 will be over 20, 21 and 22 June 2014!

  • Live online booking started at noon on 11 February 2010. Thank you to all those who helped us improve on our online booking system by sending us feedbacks on its shortcomings. With this information, we continue to improve the system.


Size: not bigger then 120 cm x 60 cm and not smaller than 30 cm x 20 cm (not bigger than 57''x 23" and not smaller than 12" x 8")

We want to decorate Singgahsana Lodge with FLAGS! FLAGS! FLAGS!. Pass a flag of your state/country to the bar person in the Sadau to claim 1 free can of Tiger Beer or 2 for bigger flag :).

We already have flags of Australia, Malaysia, Sarawak, the Phillippines, Myanmar, European Union, Switzerland, Germany, Cornwall (England), Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Spain (Muchos Gracias, Maria), Nepal, Vanuatu, Canada (thank you, Dr. Chris Darling), Indonesia, All Blacks, Belgium, Taiwan, United Arab Emirate, Scotland, Sweden, China (Thank you, Mix), Cambodia (thank you, Camille Martin), Thailand (Kob Khun Ka, Sakuna Mai-Bailey), Colorado (U. S. A.) (thank you, ______ ), Brittany, France (merci to J), Japan (Arigatou gozaimashita, Yoko Higuchi). As such, we do not need those anymore. Textile Flags only. Not sticker flags ok. Cheers!!!! We will keep updating this list. There is 195 countires in the world :) :)

Big Thank You to our guests who had participated in this project.

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